Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!!!

I went on a loooooong road trip with my family this past week. Up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, then over to Oregon and down the California coast visiting friends and family along the way. Seeing so many new places just fuels the fire of my travel addiction.


  1. AGREED!!!!! AWESOME PICTURES BART. i love it. travel.ohhh its the life.

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  3. Yeah, very nice. You are so good at photography. You're family trip looks fun. You should've taken a slight detour up to the northwestern tip of Washington while you were at it. Looks like you saw some amazing places though...
    I bet you're excited to go back to school soon. I so wish I had time to go back to Hawaii but hopefully October comes fast! I'd love to hear updates of your exciting life while I'm away... Best of luck Bart!